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It's called many of things, Trailer Life, Tiny Living, Nomadic, among many others but from Mountains to Oceans to the big city there is nothing like being on the black top, personally I like to call it... FREEDOM!


Now more than ever people are making that life changing decision to give up the big house, sell possessions and transition to a lighter form of living, Warning!! It's not for everybody, moving into a trailer, van, tiny home, or even completely off grid is a complete life style change, but if you can do it you will see a whole different side of life!


I moved into the Deuce Deuce full time in 2013 and never looked back and it's time to share my experience with you.

Travel Places & Sites

Here, I list websites and RV parks for travelrs based on my interaction with them, I slowly update this so come back often!


Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with these sites or companies they are just places online or in person that I stumbled upon and found useful and/or enjoyed for myself and wanted to share with you in hopes you will find useful too. I have not been paid and do not have a sponsorship, I am not an ambassador just listing from a positive experience.


all links will open a new window because I don't want you to leave me, I have separation issues :)



Safe Travels.

Travel Sites: Boondockers Welcome Campground Map RV Parks: Duck Creek (Las Vegas, NV) Inn Town Campground (Nevada City, CA) Sacramento Shade (Sacramento, CA) Lawson's Landing (Tomales Bay, CA) High Desert RV (Albuquerque, NM) Social:
Trailer Upgrades, Maintenance, Tips

Soon to come lists of maintenance





Welcome to the Salt Flats

My first trip to Salt Flats in Utah and we had a blast, nothing could go wrong or could it?...

Safe Travels!

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