Tips for the road:


Plan your trip and check the weather for when you plan to arrive at the Salt Flats the conditions for driving on the Salt Flats could ruin the salt flats itself when wet, there is also racing on the salt flats late in the year so you don't want to be in each others way.


Boon docking is acceptable here and Free in the Silver Island Mountains right behind it, less than a mile back bring plenty of water and a generator.


Worst case scenario there is a town about 10 miles away on the Nevada Utah border with plenty of supplies.

Trip to the Salt Flats!

So since building this website this is my first article on my first trip out to the Salt Flats in Utah, I wanted to photograph the Salt Flats to add to my collection of travels and sell a new piece of landscape art, I planned to spend the night and photograph it in the evening light and again at sunrise, But then, I get this email from my sons old school about school pictures this year, Ding! A bell went off in my head, those of you that know me know my son is home schooled now, So I thought hey I can also do his school pictures on the Salt Flats, it would be awesome! I still have my props from when I photographed people!, I have a 119 year old desk I can put out there to photograph him on, time to start packing!

So our journey begins, leaving Northern California for Utah before sunset, loaded heavy, truck bed full, "Deuce Deuce" full (My 22' Trailer) and one boy and one miniature Pomeranian heavy, Kajira ( My Ram Truck) full tank of gas and Sky Jira ( Mini Drone) fully charged!, Welllll I left to late about 8:30AM :) got to Utah about 35 minutes before sunset, I started to rush to park somewhere on the Salt Flat, its to late for landscapes pictures maybe theres time to do my son's school pictures, I run to get my gear down, my flashes, generator, camera, and gear. Guess what! Sun is going down fast!, The wind came!, The generator won't start!, My son gets ready but decides it's casual Friday wearing sweat pants, T-Shirt, and white sandals, Kill me now!!!

At this point I got one thing going for me now, I'm watching an amazing sunset as I scramble to setup my gear, now some moron drives up and decides to race down the salt flats getting right in my shot! Angry Face!, well bottom line I was able to take a few images, But did I get the shot?, Stay tuned to find out what happens next!


In the mean time, Safe Travels!





Welcome to the Salt Flats

My first trip to Salt Flats in Utah and we had a blast, nothing could go wrong or could it?...

Safe Travels!

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