to the Creative Travelr, I'm Michael Lucero and I'm a Travel & Landscape Photographer, I'm a converted portrait photographer of 16 years and a website developer of 10 years, I'm also a full time RVer and riding the black top is my passion, this is my story of life on the road and a mix of my travels and behind the scenes of how I capture my images. I'll even toss in some places to visit and places to eat, and tips for new travelrs on the road (learn from my mistakes) and for new photo bugs to pickup ways of taking better pictures weather on your mobile device or your pro camera. so come on the road with me and lets discover America together.



My latest article is coming very soon!

For the RVer Where I've been Recommended stops
How I roll...

Finished Product

So what happens when I finish a travel and process the images?, They go up on my professional website for sale, have a look below to see some recent images, I left links on them that take you to the other site.


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